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Companies I've Worked With

People I've Managed

Dan Foland

SEO Director

"I've been extremely fortunate to have been able to work and learn more about SEO and digital marketing from Ryan on a daily basis for the past few years. To this day Ryan has one of the most in depth SEO and digital marketing skill sets of anyone I know. 

Ryan is by far one of the best resources and mentors I've had in my professional life, and I'm happy to say that I still rely on his expertise on a regular basis. I highly recommend Ryan within any related industry, as his skill set can not be defined in a single paragraph."

Jennifer Garvin

SEM Manager

"I highly recommend Ryan for SEO services. As my manager, he taught me a great deal about strategy as it pertains to both the technical and content components of SEO. He knows his stuff and is always focused on what will contribute to the bottom line for his clients."

Greg Stockmaster

Sr. SEO Strategist

"Ryan taught me a large portion of what I know about digital marketing strategy. Ryan has the knowledge and background to work on the technical aspects of digital marketing, and he's equally talented as a writer and creative thinker. Best of all, Ryan is always the first person trying to learn new techniques and skills, and does a great job of passing on his knowledge to others in the organization."

Dianna Caspary

Creative Communicator

"Ryan is the best! He has taught me almost everything I know about SEO. This began with the technical basics, and he encouraged me to learn more. I have enjoyed working with him and even improv acting with him. His style is laid back, and he is the first person to reply if I have a question."

People I've Worked With

Amy Marshall

Director of Business Development

"I've had the pleasure of working with Ryan for 7 years. Ryan has been a huge team player - volunteering to lead projects, trying new things, working well with a group. That has been critical in our industry where things move fast. This last year, I needed someone to lead a monthly peer group session. Ryan volunteered, organized everything, and continually receives multiple compliments from the attendees. Love, love. love his positive attitude!"

Rob Ament

Digital Marketing Consultant

"I have worked with Ryan for the past three years and through that time have seen Ryan really grow into his role. He is a technical expert in his role, providing SEO analysis for our growing list of clients. Ryan's organization and commitment to personal excellence, along with his industry knowledge have made him an invaluable asset."

Kim Towne

Director of Analytics

"I've had the pleasure of working with Ryan for almost 8 years. Ryan is a team player, always willing to jump in where needed. He has great technical skills, whether it's working with content management systems, SEO-related or HTML. He's a fantastic, hard-working coworker that I would highly recommend to anyone."

Paul Richlovsky

Writer, Editor

"Ryan brings clear-eyed thinking, outside-the-box ideas and a sense of humor to his work, all of which are much-needed in today's marketing profession. He also brings a hunger for learning, teaching and growing. I find this combination of qualities to be exceedingly rare. 

Case in point: my first collaborative client work with Ryan had him recording a step-by-step 'screencast' video to show me his approach for doing something the best way. It's this kind of initiative and willingness to teach that makes Ryan invaluable to any marketing (or business) project. He is a veteran marketer, consummate professional and champion human who has my unequivocal recommendation."


Jean Alvarez

Owner, Cleveland Neurofeedback

“Before we began with Ryan, we might get a website-initiated contact about once a month. Now, with them showing us how to really take advantage of the website, I get a contact nearly every day—sometimes more than one.”

Lindsay Dudick

Marketing Manager

“Ryan was great to work with on getting together a YouTube video for our organization. I was having some trouble getting started with a script for the video. Ryan was able to guide me the right direction and I think our video turned out fantastic! I could not ask for a better video to represent our organization. The process was smooth and Ryan was easy to work with. I would highly recommend him!”


Jill Hofmans

Executive Director

"Ryan is very knowledgeable and our members enjoy attending his sessions. He always provides salient take-aways and is a pleasure to work with. He is smart and often quite funny. We appreciate our partnership and look forward to many more years of successful programming that truly benefits our members."
Get Exclusive Digital Marketing Strategies That I Only Share With Email Subscribers
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